NOVIBET.TOP was created in 2015 by Mr. Alex.
Mr. Alex was one of many who lost too much money betting on football matches.
So he and his friends went in search of an analyst who would help him beat the bet, at first it was too expensive and too difficult for them. But with hard work they managed to find a good sports analyst and started earning money from the bookmaker. 

With the money they earned, they decided to start a company and a website with which they can help other sports betting fans, and also earn more money so that they can afford more and better analysts in order to win for sure. Currently NOVIBET is one of the best companies for sports analysis that offers reliable profit on a monthly basis and has over 14,000 premium customers every month.

Meet Our Team

These are our professional football analysts

Jonas Schulze

Sports Analyst

Alice Romano

Sports Analyst

Sebastián Muñoz

Sports Analyst

Oliver Moore

Sports Analyst

Have Any Questions?

If you do not understand something or have any additional questions, please contact us.

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