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Novibet was originally founded in Greece in 2006, and then later established and optimized for the UK in 2010.

General Information

At the point when we think about a web based wagering website we will in general have a couple of things as a top priority regarding what’s in store. You need significance. You need availability. You need a stage, actually like Unibet. 

Novibet was initially established in Greece in 2006, and afterward settled and upgraded for the UK in 2010. You needed significance, we give you a legendary Greek web based wagering website! In the same way as other of our audits of eSports betting locales, this extensive Novibet survey ought to reel you into their perfect advantages!

Payment Options

The customer service of Novibet is very helpful. There are several ways to contact the customer service. Novibet offers a lot of different ways to both withdraw and deposit money on your account. The most used services are: Visa, Netteller, bank transfer, PayPal, Paysafe and Maestro.

Novibet is a good choice for every sportsbook lover that wants something extra. More statistics and dynamic images for example. recommends Novibet to everyone that is eager to place a bet in all different kinds of sports. Novibet is very reliable and guarantees top quality service.


Before you choose to wager with any internet betting stage, make a point to find out more about the design of their site and application, just as having a careful perused of their agreements to guarantee that you are wagering with an educated psyche.

This broad Novibet survey has reasoned that Novibet isn’t just a great and variable stage that offers a wide exhibit of games and wagers, yet it is likewise protected, similarly as we found in our article about a potential Sportingindex trick. Having been authorized by numerous regarded betting specialists provides Novibet with our official endorsement.

Moreover, the Novibet club applies a special and individual feel for the players and the rewards that go close by the stage are simply too great to even think about missing. The client service presented by Novibet is fabulous and gives a remarkable touch showing how Novibet pays attention to its player base and focuses on its clients.

We, around here at, believe that Novibet endeavors to be awesome by sticking to all guidelines and manages, and takes into consideration a fun and safe betting experience.

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